Since 1980 CMC has been a leading manufacturer of road marking machines and equipment for horizontal signalisation. If you are looking for a professional line striping unit, you are sure to find in CMC the striper most suitable to your exigencies!

CMC is active also in other market segments such as:

  • production of scarifiers for the line removing and for surface leveling and treatment
  • production of complementary equipment as: glass beads dispensers, rope winches, stencils for symbols and writings
  • sale of engines, compressors, pumps and other commercial parts of the machines, at very competitive prices.

CMC is official dealer of road marking paints of Basler-Lacke, in Italy, Southern Europe, Balkan, North Africa and Middle East.

CMC manufactures and sells a complete range of airless diaphragm pumps which satisfy the exigencies of high pressure painting of many applicators in several market segments.

CMC airless pumps are functional, user friendly and versatile and are perfect for:

  • BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION: painting, proofing
  • WOOD & METAL TREATMENT: structural steel-works, carpentries
  • DOCKYARD: shipbuilding, big tanks.

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