For years we engage in research in the development of new equipment in the field of road signs, with new solutions, standard and custom, to always make the job easier and better for our customers.A wide range of equipment for industrial vehicles and self-propelled machines, is available to our customers. Our product range in the field of thermoplastic spray on truck sector covers a large scale from 250 kg to 12,000 kg material, great performance are guaranteed by our equipment, reducing machine downtimes of preparation of the material and drafting, guaranteeing optimum timing of the work steps.Very large is the wide range of equipment for cold paints for industrial vehicles, from 250 liters to 1200 liters, In recent years we have expanded the field of self-propelled machinery with standard machines starting from 25 liters up to 250 liters. News in the field of self-propelled machines are the machines of the series Universal, MR 200, MR 40 MR 60. Self-propelled equipment where you can choose the type of equipment: Hermoplastic, thermoplastic spray, cold paints, with capacities up to 800 liters of material for the series MR 60 Universal are also acceptable equipment combined thermoplastic + cold paint, all to guarantee the customer a wide area of applications.The development of applications in the area of the two components, allowed us to be competitive and reliable with material plastic cold 1:1, and mobile machinery that equipment on trucks. A wide range of matching accessories preheaters and our range of products are available to you. We are at your disposal to provide standard equipment or upon request made to meet your and needs on the ground. Helping our customers with assistance and maintenance.